Weekly Lunch Update

Pre-Order Distance learning Meals Here (DLMD)

All families,

This has been a very challenging year, and in the last week our world was changed again, but this time we are trying to get students back in school.  After the announcement of schools ramping to Phase II, we have started receiving phone calls with lots of questions about meals in school for kids, and out of school for distance learning meals.  I have put together this newsletter that will hopefully answer all your questions.  If there is still something that you need to know or are not sure about, please reach out to our offices so we can help you.  Please look for March’s newsletter this Friday that will go over the month of march and changes we have going on them especially around spring break and pre-ordering meals.

February Phase II NewsLetter


We have put together a February Newsletter that will provide all the information for the entire month.  We will no longe be sending a weekly email.  If you lose these emails or do not receive one you, can find the all the links you need at the Helena School District web site.  If you every have a problem, please reach out to our office and we will help you any way we can.

February News Letter

Below are the links for meals pick up next week.  If you know you are going to pick up meals regularly and do not want to fill out the weekly every week, fill out the standing order link just one time, and you are good through Spring break.  As always if the times or locations do not work for you, or you miss your pickup, please reach out to our office, and we will work with you to find a time and location that will work for you.  324-2570

Here is the link for the weekly order for
meal pick up on Wednesday the 27th

DLMD week 2/3-2/9

DLMD week 2/10-2/23

DLMD week 2/24-3/2

Cancelation of standing order link DLMD Cancellation Link

DLMD Standing order link

*This is a reminder that we need everyone to help us either
pre-order the weekly meals or put in the standing order for
meals.  We can only estimate so far, the more help we have
from parents the better we can serve the families in our community.
This also helps us reduce the waste and costs associated with over
production or underproduction in some sites

If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact the food service office and they will help you.
All payments can be made as normal, in person at your students’ school or online at MyMealtime.com.

Food Service Office

Phone: 406-324-2570

Email: RWorthy@Helenaschools.orgEBenson@Helenaschools.orgBavard@Helenaschools.org