Posted on June 3, 2019

Library SLAC Quilt!

Student Library Quilt Raffle
Need a cozy quilt to read under? Of course you do. We are raffling off this lovely quilt created by SLAC members as a fundraiser for our Student Library Advisory Council. Tickets are on sale now at the HMS Library and from SLAC student members.  1ticket for $2 or 3 tickets for $5. The raffle will be held on the last day of school. Purchase your tickets now!

SLAC Library Quilt

Posted on May 14, 2019

Lewis & Clark Library Resources for Summer


Summer is a great time to read! Check out the Lewis and Clark library for your summer reading needs!

Summer is also a great time for making new friends, volunteering and getting involved in your community!

Volunteens Info Packet

Teen Program Brochure

Posted on November 19, 2018

8th Grade Ski Trip Survey

Please click this link and log in to complete a short survey about an 8th grade ski trip! The form was designed by Kalley May and Colter Petre

8th Grade Ski Trip Survey Link


Posted on June 1, 2018

From the Principal

Welcome to Helena Middle School 2019-2020

Hello! Helena Middle School Students and Parents!

Helena Middle School is a place where everyone can belong!  Our universal expectations explain our philosophy:

  • BE SAFE!

HMS students engage in a great variety of learning experiences in a safe and respectful environment.

HMS prides itself on being a community school.  Everyone in our school family will find opportunities to contribute and participate in the positive educational experiences. Our parents are crucial partners in our learning environment. Students and parents at HMS can work together with us in shaping the best educational outcomes for our students.

The Middle School years are exceptionally important for students. During this time, students hone learning skills, study habits, school behaviors, and decision-making skills in preparation for the high school. The relationships they make at HMS will be a solid foundation for success in middle school and beyond. Middle School is vital to the successful completion of high school.

Best wishes to you and your families in the upcoming year. My door is always open. I value student and parent input and involvement. At HMS, it’s all about kids. Have a great year!


Cal Boyle, Principal

Posted on November 6, 2017

See the movie Wonder and earn money for the HMS Library!

Wonder Tickets Click here to purchase tickets to Wonder to benefit HMS Library!

OPENS Nov. 17 Purchase tickets on Nov. 17, 18, 19 to Benefit HMS Library

Posted on November 10, 2016

Positive Media

I’d like to take the time to share with you stories that inspire love and kindness due to the fact that mainstream media doesn’t always portray these stories.


Any of these stories

Any of these stories



Share these stories and have a great day

What if we revolved in the positive encouraging stories instead of usually reporting the bad? What if we chose our words to build one another up instead of tearing them down? What if we only spoke about others to peers with good words about them instead of bad? What if political campaigns only ran positive commercials promoting good that’s being done instead of the bad?

What if America could be…?

Whatever we choose…to respond and value others today or not.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.
BE LOVE-Life=not what you gain but what you GIVE

Brad Knox

Health and Physical Educator

Helena Middle School

1025 N Rodney St

Helena, MT 59601