Halstyn Stief

Read 180 Periods 1 & 2

This is a 1 period Reading intervention class. The class uses the Read180 curriculum and practices writing skills and techniques. We rotate between Read180, writing weekly and literacy circle. Students are graded based upon daily journal completion, RBook completion, software time, Independent Reading log, book quizzes, and writing assignments such as “T” charts, graphic organizers, and written work. Preparation into the high school setting is also addressed starting 3rd quarter, and this is where we integrate more things that they will see next year.

Transition English

With Michelle Johnson

Math Collaboration

With Yvonne Sebastian

Halstyn Stief's Schedule

  • Period 1

    Reading Intervention

  • Period 2

    Reading Intervention

  • Period 3

    Transition English with Michelle Johnson

  • Period 4

    Study Skills (A day/B day)

  • Period 5


  • Period 6

    Collaboration Math with Yvonne Sebastian