Katie Burke

Welcome! This webpage is a place for you to access information and resources for your 6th Grade Science class. I am honored to be your teacher and I hope you have a great year at Helena Middle School.

Below you will see titles for each unit of study. When you click on each unit you will find the following resources (Be sure to scroll down once you click on the Unit Title and information for the unit will appear below the list of units):

  • Unit Map- what questions am I trying to answer during the course of this unit?
  • Links to Daily Lesson PowerPoint and Handouts = this is a great place to go when you are reviewing for quizzes and test, if you are absent, or you lost something and need another copy.

Unit 1: Geology on Mars


  • September 18, 2019 - Investigating Landforms on Mars

    View Lesson PowerPoint: 2.1


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