Teal Hatten

Collab Math

This is a 6th grade math class taught by myself and Karla Miller.

Study Skills and Life Skills

Students are required to fill out their planner and complete a check-in sheet daily. Grades are given based upon planner completion and participation in class. A social skills lesson is taught for the first half of class and then the students complete missing or unfinished assignments for the remainder of the period. Zones of Regulation, Social Thinking, and Superflex curriculums will be taught with the guidance of HMS counselors and other specialists.

Teal Hatten's Schedule

  • 8:05-8:56

    Life Skills

  • 9:00- 9:54

    Study Skills

  • 9:58- 10:49


  • 10:49-11:29

    6th Grade Lunch

  • 11:33-12:24

    6th Grade Collab Math

  • 12:28- 1:19

    Life Skills

  • 1:23- 2:14

    Study Skills

  • 2:18- 2:50